When I first met this young lady, I found her to be a shy and reserved 5th grader. As the year progressed, I had the opportunity to see her perform on stage. To my surprise, this quiet young girl came alive. I never saw this side of her in the classroom or the hallways and especially not on the sports field. To me she seemed so talented on the inside, yet fragile on the outside. Wow, how times have changed for this young star. With the start of the new school year, I most often get to view her as a 6th grade student athlete. The sports season started with volleyball, and she seemed different. She had a confidence about her that I hadn’t seen in her everyday activities, but had a glimpse of previously while she was performing on stage. She came to volleyball practice every day ready to work hard, full of team spirit, and stepping up as a leader. Then came time to hand out the game schedule, and she politely came to her coaches and said "I’m sorry I can’t make Tuesday and Thursday games because I have made a commitment to my team “Girls on the Run" and we have practice on those days.” This is a coach’s dream for an athlete to understand the importance of “team” and “commitment”. This was also was the “a ha” moment for why she had become such a strong individual and seemed to truly believe in herself. She often spoke about her experience with “Girls on the Run” and told us why it was so awesome to her. I honestly believe “Girls on the Run” helped this star find her shine.- PBC 6th Grade School Teacher

Girls on the Run has impacted me more than other people know. Last July, the year of 2011, my grandpa diedof cancer. It was tragic to me and I didn’t know how I would get through it. I expressed my feelings in poems written while locked away in my room. That fall, my mom signed me up for Girls on the Run and I met so many wonderful people, adults and girls my age, which caused positive change in me. I finally opened up and said what had happened to my grandpa and when I did, it felt as if a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders. I knew that those people, my new friends and coaches, were people that I could completely trust because of their offer to share the weight of my burden. Now, whenever I think about my grandpa, I think of Girls on the Run and how, because of them, I can smile and think of the good times I had with him, and not the days leading up to his passing.- Summer 8th Grade GOT Participant

Girls on the Run is a wonderful place for a girl to set aside her troubles and have a great time! My name is Lindsey Suncine, and ‘Girls On The Run,’ has helped me through a tough time in so many ways. In September, my mom was diagnosed with Breast cancer. So I heard the first about the cancer one day after the practice. I was so upset. But my coaches Maribel Bleeker and Bonnie Larson helped me through this tough time. Everyone in the girls on the run family was so supportive and helpful to me. My mom had surgery and is going through chemotherapy right now. But the doctor said her prognosis is excellent. ‘Girls On The Run’ has helped me in so many ways. If there is a girl that wants to make new friends, run, maybe escape from their troubles, or just have some fun, than you should try this fantastic organization out! - Lindsey 6th Grade GOT Participant

Girls on the Run is about teaching girls the love of movement and the love of self. - S. Pfohl, Executive Director, PCFSN

Changing lives one girl at a time.