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"Girls on the Run is so much fun!"

Girls on the Run® sessions are designed for girls in Grades 3 through 8 (approximately ages 8 - 14).

To start up Girls on the Run at your school or community....

In brief, here’s what you’ll need:
A desire to make a difference in the lives of girls
2. To obtain the approval from the appropriate people (e.g. principal, teachers, PTA, administrator, Town Council members, HOA, community center director, etc.) for their site to host GOTR.
3. A safe outdoor running and activity area
4. A safe indoor rain site
5. To obtain at least two volunteer coaches for up to 14 girls (3 is preferable, to account for absences)
Coaches can be teachers, parents, other staff members, or community members -- whatever complies with the site's policies. If in a public school, at least one teacher or other school staff member would host the program as a Club.
6. A desire and means to promote the program and recruit the girls for your site to attract a team of 6 - 14 girls. (Title I schools, please see detailed information, below.)
7. Sites follow the GOTR calendar for the season: Fall (August - December) and Spring (January - May).
​Girls on the Run accepts new site applications at least 3 weeks before the Coach Training. If you miss our coach training for the season (See our Calendar),  please submit the application for the following season.  Thank you!
9. A completed ONLINE Site Application Form (link below). Once received and reviewed, a confirmation email will be sent back to you.

Still interested? Please continue reading the detail below for more specifics.

Girls on the Run Palm Beach is eager to expand our programming and reach more girls with our message of joy, health and confidence. In order for our program to grow and succeed, we require a strong and active commitment from our local site partners. The following are required of all sites interested in becoming a Girls on the Run Palm Beach location.

Detailed information:

  • All sites must identify a specific Site Liaison. Generally, the person who brings the program to a site is the Site Liaison, but another person may serve in this role.  The Site Liaison is responsible for identifying days and times of programming, publicizing the program at her location, and signing the program agreement. The site liaison should also provide an email address she will allow the Council to publish on the GOTR website. the Site Liaison may also be one of the coaches.
  • Sites must commit to four (4) seasons  - either consecutive Fall & Spring for two years or one season for four consecutive years. The site should have a plan in place to ensure that there are trained coaches for each season.  Sites may be renewed after completing four seasons.
  • All sites are required to recruit at least 3 coaches  (to account for coach absences) to implement the GOTR curriculum at their location. Two coaches are required during each lesson for safety, etc. At least one female coach must be a woman 21 years of age or older. Other coaches may be male or female over the age of 18. 
  • Girls on the Run Palm Beach administration will be responsible for training, communicating with, and providing the materials your coaches will need to confidently implement the program. Coaches must be available and agree to attend Coach Training on the date specified by Council. 
  • The GOTR registration fee is $195 per girl, which INCLUDES 20+ lessons AND the 5K event. See Value and What's in a FeeWe may provide up to two partial scholarships at any location* for girls in dire need. See our Announcements page for more scholarship detail. Funding of scholarships is directly related to the funding available to the Council.  There are no guarantees of scholarships. Donations from generous individuals, companies, organizations and grants help us provide scholarships.
  • * If a site identifies that three or more of the girls are in dire need, e.g. Title I Schools,  you may raise the funds on your own for the girls to participate. The minimum amount to be raised is $1,776 for start-up with 6 girls. Alternatively, the site liaison could contact GOTR via email  at to request that the site be put on the waiting list to be a Scholarship Site. Scholarship Sites will be notified if and when funds become available to the Council to support the team.  If your site is accepted because funds are realized through a formal grant process, the site must agree to the terms of the grant contract.   Programs can not be opened unless funding is settled with the Council in advance.

Our program coordinator will contact you shortly after having received your request. We accept Site applications during certain times of the year for the next season.

If you feel your site can commit to our program expectations, please

CLICK HERE for the ONLINE Site Application Form   

​You must finish the online form to the end once you start it or all information would be lost. You may wish to print out the form and gather the information before you start online.  Printed version is for your reference only and can not be submitted to the Council. 

Questions about starting a site? Email

Thank you again for your interest in GOTR Palm Beach!