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Where can your daughter get 20 empowering lessons at about $6 per session WITH a 5K running event INCLUDED for her and her running buddy all in one place? For a total of just $195, it's a great value.  

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No other program or sport encompasses GOTR's  holistic approach to well-being. Girls build confidence, experience joy and accomplishment and learn about healthy lifestyles. We use the power of running to provide girls with the tools to:
~ Celebrate their bodies,

~ Honor their voices,

~ Recognize their gifts, and
~ Activate their personal power.

Our policy is to provide the best value possible so that each girl experiences meaningful memories within the caring GOTR environment.

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The cost to the Council is $295. The subsidized fee of $195 is all inclusive for families. But the lower fee does cause a funding gap for the Council.   

As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of individuals and sponsors to help us bridge the funding gap. 

Want to help a girl from a family in need participate?  Adding just an additional $5 or $15 onto your registration fee can go a long way to helping a girl onto a team who would otherwise not be able to participate. Or you can help us bridge the gap in cost. Any donation is welcome and appreciated.  

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Refunds of Registration Policy
The Council will refund 50% of the registration fee if requested in writing prior to the 1st lesson of the Season. No refunds will be issued after lessons begin. If a Team or Site is cancelled due to insufficient registration or other circumstances deemed appropriate by the Council Director, the full registration fee will be refunded. Any late fees paid will not be refunded.

5K Policy 
Part of the season's program includes a celebratory 5K event toward the end of the season. Upon receipt of a signed permission slip from the parent or guardian, GOTR Palm Beach will submit the participant's name for a 5K run event.  No refunds of any portion of the registration fee or accommodations to attend any other 5K event will be made for a participant who cannot attend the 5K offered by GOTR Palm Beach.

5K and Running Buddies for the 5K Policy
All registered girls may participate in the 5K at no extra cost to the families. One Running Buddy runs with each girl during the 5K.  If you have someone who is over age 18 who can keep pace with your daughter, will stay with her along the route, motivate and encourage her to the finish line, and cross the finish line together with her, you can sign her/him up as the Running Buddy during registration, at no extra cost to you.  If not, the coach or Council will source a Running Buddy.  We have relationships with local university track teams, running clubs and other community partners.

Shirts are measured across the front when laying on a flat surface. There are no exchanges or refunds for t-shirts.  

NOTE: There is NO size XL for youth.  Choose  carefully. 

​"Girls on the Run let me be myself and gave me a chance to be healthy, make responsible choices, and to stand up for others. I loved the coaches because they filled my heart with positiveness and believed in me. I will always be a Girl on the Run for as long as I live."    ~ GOTR participant

Girls in 3rd - 8th grade (depending on site) are encouraged to join the program regardless of previous running experience and level of physical fitness. ​​ Site coaches determine the days, times, and age group for their site. 
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