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Caring, Character, Confidence

​Competence, Connection, Contribution

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We also have a Wish List of items that we use in the programs.  This is a great way for an individual or groups (like clubs, schools, and other organizations) to help us help the girls. Email to arrange a drop-off or promotion.

Like Networking?  Perhaps you frequent an establishment that is looking for a charity to receive proceeds from a networking event? Or perhaps you'd like to set one up? This is a great way to have some fun and help Girls on the Run at the same time!

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When you donate to Girls on the Run Palm Beach, you are helping girls right here in the neighborhoods where you work, live and play. They are your daughters, grand daughters, nieces, friends, and neighbors.  Maybe you've even had the opportunity to watch them grow, learn, and play.  But they are in those tender years -- those "tween years" -- all at once  still a baby but yet so "grown-up."  Those impressionable years are when girls start to doubt themselves.  They can worry about the seemingly smallest changes to their surroundings, bodies, friendships and relationships.  It is in these vulnerable years that Girls on the  Run can do the most good.  With time-tested curriculum, generous and warm coaches, and activities that are actually fun, girls learn values that last a lifetime.  No matter what is going on in a girls' life, she learns to trust her team and her coaches... but maybe more importantly,  herself.

No matter what you can give, please know that we are doing our best to provide quality programming for the GOTR girls who desire to live joyfully, healthfully, and confidently -- long after the season ends.

​Please give generously.