Wish List 

Each week our girls participate in lessons that build their core values individually, as team members, and as partners in the community.

For the Coaches to be able to mentor the girls through the process, we use the materials listed in this Wish List. In-Kind donations of these items are always needed and gratefully accepted. Please contact director@girlsontherunpbc.org to arrange a donation. THANK YOU!

Metal Whistles for Coaches on lanyards

Construction paper (9 x 12 and/or 18 x 24)

Index cards (packs of 100 or 200)
Small containers of bubbles with wands included (sets of 20)
Plastic Pony Beads (or any large beads that can be strung onto yarn)
Color hair spray
Tennis Balls (must be NEW)
Rolls of Ribbon (3/4 inch wide)
Plastic zip-lock lunch baggies
Plastic zip-lock gallon sized bags
Jump ropes (14 - 15 feet long)
Bags of Balloons
Paper Plates
Plastic forks
Beach Balls (must be new)
Plastic boxes (L24” x W15” x H6”) with “locking” lids

Plastic kids' bracelets (like for party goody bags - sets of 20)
Plastic kids' rings (like for party goodie bags - sets of 20) Plastic kids' necklaces (sets of 20)

Postage stamps
Printer that can print a large page (11 x 17 inches) and ink/toner cartridges
Printer ink for current printer (cartridges Cannon 240 XL and 241XL)
Tablet for off-site online registrations and donations

Pre-made First aid kits