We're honored to be a NEW Expanded Learning Opportunity!  

Through a generous grant from Prime Time Palm Beach, we are now able to extend our program to Prime Time's after school network of providers that serve the Title I school population of 3rd - 5th grade girls.

As a local Council of a national network, we are able to provide you with an outstanding  F U N Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and wellness opportunity for your girls.

If you are a Prime Time Out-of-School-Time (OST) provider, we've put together information to help you understand our program and how we can work with you.

First Step: Please read/watch before filling out the Site Application

1.  Outcomes & General Curricula information  (PDF)

2.  Mission, Vision, Core Values (PDF)

3.  What a Team Receives & What a Site Provides (PDF)

4. How Do You Measure a Girl's Potential (Longitudinal Study Outcomes) YouTube video

5. Longitudinal Study (PDF)

6. 5K event information

Next Step:  Fill out our Online application by clicking the link below (only online applications accepted)  

  • Systems limitations require the application to be filled out all at once. 
  • To help you gather what you need for the application, here is a Word Doc for reference.  
  • The online application is required by our National HQ in order to serve your site. 
  • We will get back to you with further details after we review your application.

Prime Time Grant Site Application for Girls on the Run ELO


Thank you!

We're Partnering with Prime Time Palm Beach

Meet Our Staff

As a volunteer-driven organization, Diane Evans works with volunteer site liaisons and coach/mentors around the county to help them bring Girls on the Run programming to their site.


 From a coach...

This is my fourth year coaching GOTR, and every year I am amazed at the growth that I see in our girls as individuals and as a group throughout the season. I have been so astounded at how much the older girls have been learning from the younger girls, and how much everyone looks out for each other. It is so evident when the other coaches and I touch base with the girls throughout the school week, just how much they are implementing the GOTR curriculum in their day to day lives. I've had girls come up to me and tell me how well they have been able to handle their negative thoughts or feelings of frustration with a sibling or a friend. These are imperative life skills that GOTR is teaching this generation of girls. As a coach, I cannot even begin to say how much the curriculum has impacted my life as well. I frequently find myself using the strategies and reflecting on the lessons weekly. I've said it again and again, GOTR is the best program I have ever been a part of. All girls should have the opportunity to be a part of it!  -Coach Becky

From some girls...

“I use Girls On The Run at home with my sister. I taught her how bullying is not ok. I told her to tell a teacher if someone’s hurting you or your feelings. We also made cards for kids in the hospital for our community outreach project. I also try to remember to be kind to other people and use kind words.” -Breanna

“This year at Girls On The Run, I learned to be confident! I also learned how to better handle tough problems.”  -Ashley

“I used Girls On The Run at home when my brother annoyed me. I took a deep breath and it calmed me down and I did the [GOTR] strategy with him.”  -Sienna

“I have learned how to persevere even when things are hard!”  -Kenley