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The experience is rewarding in more ways than you could imagine, but it is also a time commitment.

Typically,  the lessons are delivered over 10 weeks, 2x per week for 75 - 90 minutes per lesson, so the commitment would be for about 3 hours per week, plus about 1/2 hour prep time for lessons each week.
Coaches are expected to be present at
1. the season's 5K event - a CELEBRATION! All of the girls and coaches from around the county in GOTR programs come together for the event with their families.
2. Three coach meetings per season:
a. Coach training before the season begins (We go over information provided by Girls on the Run International, as well as information specific to GOTR Palm Beach - plan on a full day of training) 
b. mid-season (about 3 hours)
c. season-end (about 3 hours)
Please see our CalendarDuring these meetings, the coaches are trained, share ideas, and receive the materials and things they need to run the program. We may ask for updates on all of the great things that are happening at your site and also that you and your GOTR girls' parents share on our Facebook page.

Coaches recruit girls into the program and, if their site closes for some reason, find a new location in their area.
We  also ask that you help us promote our program in general and our fundraisers.  As a coach, you see first-hand the life-changing experiences -- you are a wonderful ambassador for sharing the good news of our girls!
The easy-to-follow curriculum uses running and exercise to set goals. As a coach, you will need to show the girls how to do the exercises, but you need not to do all of the repetitions with them - unless you'd like to, of course!

The heart of the program is the discussions.  That's why we are so much more than a running club or exercise program or sports team. 

So if you are a personable woman who is willing to listen and connect with the girls, then consider coaching.​​

Be a Volunteer Coach!

Warm-up your spirit fingers,

lace up your sneakers,

and get ready to inspire a group of girls to be strong and healthy.

Serving as a coach is one of the most rewarding ways to get involved with Girls on the Run. As a volunteer coach, you lead your team through Girls on the Run-developed curriculum, stretching and running activities, and training for the end-of-season 5K.

You do not need to be a runner or athlete.  As a successful coach, you need only to serve as a role model for girls by showing up prepared and on time, listening attentively, and demonstrating a positive attitude! We can’t do it without  YOU!

Amidst the conversation, laughter, hugs and energy awards, you'll witness a transformational change in the girls...

and don’t be surprised if you realize that you are positively changing as well! The program may end in 10 weeks, but for our coaches and girls, the finish line is just the beginning. ​

Ready to make a difference and encourage girls to realize their full potential? The first step is signing up.

Ready, Set, Coach!