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Each season, girls of families in dire financial need long to participate. The goal of the Scholarship Fund is to build the financial resources so that every girl who desires to participate can participate, regardless of her situation. If you are an individual, group, foundation, or company that would be able to help us fund the programming for these deserving girls, please donate today. A donation of $296 will sponsor a girl for one entire season and help us provide everything needed for her to successfully complete the program. Every dollar raised gets another girl closer to participation -- closer to the joy and confidence GOTR can help her build.
Please sponsor a deserving girl today.

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Fall 2017 - Financial Assistance Request

Thank you for your interest in Girls on the Run!
If your daughter would like to participate in one of our programs, but your family is in dire financial need, we might be able to help.  ​

Please see the detailed information, below. There are no guarantees. We will try to fund as many girls as donations allow. If you know someone or a company that has the capability to donate, please give them our website address. Thank you!

​Detailed information - Please be sure to read all the way to the end!
A limited number of partial scholarships will be made available through Girls on the Run Palm Beach to assist families with payment.  Funds available are dependent on the funds raised specifically for this purpose.  All families will be required to pay some amount toward participation.

  • Fill out one Request for Financial Assistance form per girl. 
  • By email, you will be required to provide proof of need, generally from your participation in a governmental program for families in need.
  • The program fee for Military families that are not on other governmental assistance will be discounted by $50.00.
  • Funds will be assigned to girls on a first-come/first-served basis. 
  • Only ONLINE submissions will be accepted.
  • The parent or legal guardian of the girl wishing to participate in Girls on the Run MUST fill out and submit this form. If a teacher, coach, or someone other than the parent/guardian submits the form, it will void the request. 
  • The parent/guardian must submit his/her valid email address in this form. Awardees will be notified by email from ​​ Please be sure this email address is in your address book or "favorites" so that our emails to you do not go to your spam/junk folder.
  • There is no guarantee that if you fill out and submit this  Request for Financial Assistance Form, that your daughter will actually be assigned a scholarship or that she will be registered to participate in the season.
  • An additional application and/or documentation may be required before funds are assigned to a girl for participation. 
  • In addition, by filling out this form, the parent/guardian agrees and understands that you and/or your daughter may be asked to participate in fundraising campaigns in order to help Girls on the Run raise funds for scholarships. The funds raised through these activities will be assigned to the general pool of scholarship funds, and not assigned to a specific girl, family, site, or scholarship request. ​
  • If your partial scholarship is approved, some amount of payment will be required during the actual registration process.

Filling out this form does not constitute registration for the season.  Assignment of scholarship funds is at the sole discretion of Girls on the Run Palm Beach, Inc.
If awarded financial assistance/scholarship, the parent must then complete the online registration form using the Discount Code provided by email in order for their daughter to be registered for the program. All necessary information to accomplish this will be in the email announcing the award.